Titanium anode baskets (custom builts too), meet all the stringent quality specifications for the consistent quality uniform plating of metals. Titanium baskets are very durable and light weight anode, and as well as they are almost maintenance free.

Titanium Baskets are easy to load and unload and minimum anodic metal wastage is achieved because of it’s trait of providing a large anode area And there is no voltage loss, because this particular metal (titanium) transfers current from Busbar to time solution without corroding itself.

Advantage of Titanium baskets
  • Enhanced durabilityTitanium anode basketsTitanium anode basket
  • Resistant against corrosion
  • High strength
  • Uniform anode area
  • Less voltage loss

Note : Titanium anode baskets are not suitable in baths containing fluorides, fluoborates, sulphamate solution with bromide or solution with very high P.H.